How do I use the Buying Service? How does it work?

How do I use the Buying Service? How does it work? Faster and more simple buying service from Korea

Fashion-Korea Shopping & Buying Service is All in one service, it means, if you want to buy any Korean interesting products at any Korean shops/stores, you can ask us to buy and ship to your place, sending with Buying service request, we will order your products/ Items as your buying order requested and inspect and repacking and ship to your place.

You pay for 1st payment for proceeding your order and 2nd payment for Shipping Charge(We will measure your items and issue Shipping charge based on weight-You can choose best shipping methods and fee you want).

All you have to do is Sending “Buying Request” for your quote, Your quotation will be give in second for your confirm on proceeding your buying order.



QUOTE REQUEST for 1st.Payment

Buying Service request

Quote Details:

Total payable Amount : Your items amount + Service Fee

Fashion-Korea applies the following service fees to buying service orders.

Buying Service Quote;


Service Fee : 10%

  • Total Items Amount : Your shopping amount
  • Fixed Exchange Rate : 1USD = 1,000KRW

Shipping will be charged once all items stocked here, we will measure your items and send you Shipping cost Invoice for your Shipment-You can choose best shipping method for you.

2.PROCEED YOUR ORDER ( 1st.Payment)

We will check your Items availability and more that you missed and send you quotation to your E-mail, You can check and proceed your order. – You can also pay to our PayPal account directly, or ask PayPal Invoice.


We re-pack and measure your Package Weight once all your items arrived here and Send your Shipping Invoice to your e-mail. You can check and choose one of Shipping methods( EMS or Air Mail) and make payment for International Shipping.


Korean shopping and buying service from Korea, You name it, We buy & ship to you wherever you are. Shop any Korean store, we handle your order with care and delivery happiness from Korea to your place safely.