Prohibited Articles

Prohibited Articles Some of Items can not be delivered to overseas from Korea by Air and Sea

Prohibited articles means that those are not allowed for international mailing service. The reason to setup the Prohibited articles is firstly to avoid the harm to post officers and postal installations and secondly for the policy of each country.
The treaty, mail service regulations, and other internal laws define internationally Prohibited articles.

Explosive material
Firing agents : Firing agent, flash agent, discharge printing agent and thermals
Gunpowder based on other acetate, black gunpowder
Gunpowder based on smokeless gunpowder, other acetic acid ester
Gunpowder based onperchlorate
Ammunition such as fulminating mercury(fulminates), nitrogen-hydrogen acid
Gunpowder based on acetic acid ammunition, potassium chlorate ammunition, other acetate, chlorate or perchlorate
Other acetic acid ester for nitroglycerin, nitroglycol and blasting powder
Blasting powder based on dynamite, other acetic acid ester
Dinitrobenzene, trinitro, benzene, trinitroanisole, hexaphenylamine, trimethylene, trinitroamine, other nitro compound containing over 3 groups of nitro group compound for explosion, and blasting powder based on them
liquid oxygen blasting powder and other liquid blasting power
Pyrotechnical articles
Percussion cap for industrial use, electronic percussion cap
Ball-cartridge, blank ammunition
Detonating fuse, fuse and electronic detonating fuse
Signal lead pipe and sign
Pyrotechnical articles with softening, other explosive or ammunition
Ignitability material
Reduced iron, reduced nickel, potassium permanganate, yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphorous sulfides, match, metal potassium, magnesium powder, aluminum powder, gingili powder, metal sodium, zinc powder calcium oxide, peroxides(kinds of lead peroxides, soda peroxidase, potassium), carbide, lime phosphate and hydrosulfate
Inflammable material
Stated following except a) above
Paint cement(petroleum ether, gasoline, petroleum benzene, natural gas segregated oil, blood pressure, liquefaction oil of coal, and segregated oil of tyre; under flash point 30¡?) and other product(lacquer, lab cement, asphalt)
Beautifiers and perfume, alcoholic liquors and others containing over 60% alcohol
Solvent naphtha(mortar naphtha), terpene, camphor oil, pine-root oil and creosote oil Inflammable gas : Butane, propane, acetylene, vinyl chloride monomer, other inflammable gas Oxidant :Oxygenated water (over 20% capacity)
Materials, give out poisonous or stinking gas or vapor : Poisonous gas (yperite, lewisite) dimethyl sulfate, aluminum chloride anhydrous, chloro-benzol, chlorobenzene, chloroacetyl, chloropicric, brom, brombenzene, phosphorus chloride5, sulfur chloride, acrolein, titanium chloride4, other poisonous stench material.
Monopoloroacetate, salts and material containing those (monopoloro acetateasodium, polarnodol clothing)
Thyethylpranitropenylthyoffspate, thyethylparanitropenyltyonopospate and material containing those.(parathion, polydor clothing’s)
Thyethylparanitropenyltyonopospate and material containing those (methylparitlon clothing)
Paraclopenylthyajodiourea and material containing those. (Muritan clothing)
Paraclopenylthyajodiourea and material containing those. (Muritan clothing)
2-cloro 4 methyl 6-thymethylninopiradine and material containing those (gastris clothing) Octamethylpiropordamid and material containing those (Sheridan, pestocs3 clothing) Thymethylgaptoepilpospate and and material containing those(methylthymeton, metasystoc clothing) Monopoloroacetateamid and material containing those (fluorine clothing) and other toxic materials. Ignitable aluminum and material containing cracking accelerator
Thymethylamid-1- (thymethyamid-1- clorocrotonyl) – phosphate and material containing phosphate (phostamiton clothing) Tetraethylpiropate and material containing Tetraethylpiropate (taff, nitkarinP clothing)
Strong acid
Fuming sulfuric, anhydrous magnesium, sulfuric, fuming acetate, acetate acid, Acetic phosphoric acid (P 4 O 10), cloroacid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, suboxide, and other strong acids
Drastic drugs, poisons. Only exceptional when the person with license of M.D, D.D, a pharmacist and veterinarian, send this by registered mail.
Alive germs or items which implies in it. Only exceptional when the person with license of M.D, D.D, a pharmacist and veterinarian, ship this by registered mail.
Radioactive items
The radioactive item which is followed by the atomic power law (#5223, 1996.12.30) #2-4
Atomic fission items by the atomic power law 2-2 (the regulation of the security for the atomic power plant (by Presidential decree #6702, May 25th.1973) 32-1 and “the regulation of the management of atomic fission materials and its cause materials and its installations” (Presidential decree #6709 May, 25th, 1973), only exceptional by #12 (the item in the container))
Indecent or pornographic material, which is harm to the public and prohibited to move, or sell. Only exceptional if it’s been sent by the authorities as registered mail
Additional to the above all, the items, which can harm the post officers or other post, matter